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添加时间最新添加 物理 eBooks:

  1. by Bernard F. Schutz / 2012-09-26A First Course in General Relativity
  2. by John H. Schwarz, Patricia M. Schwarz / 2012-09-26Special Relativity: From Einstein to Strings
  3. by R. B. Singh / 2012-09-26Introduction to Modern Physics: v. 1
  4. by Ajoy Ghatak / 2012-09-26Optics, 1 edition
  5. by Steven Holzner / 2012-09-26Quantum Physics For Dummies
  6. by Robert M. Mazo / 2012-09-27Brownian Motion: Fluctuations, Dynamics, and Applications (International Series of Monographs on Physics)
  7. by David G. Voelz / 2012-09-27Computational Fourier Optics: A MATLAB Tutorial
  8. by Tatsu Takeuchi / 2012-09-27An Illustrated Guide to Relativity
  9. by Philipp O. J. Scherer / 2012-09-27Computational Physics: Simulation of Classical and Quantum Systems
  10. by Louis Lyons / 2012-09-27A Practical Guide to Data Analysis for Physical Science Students
  11. by Kerson Huang / 2012-09-27Quantum Field Theory: From Operators to Path Integrals
  12. by Eberhard Engel, Reiner M. Dreizler / 2012-09-27Density Functional Theory: An Advanced Course (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics)
  13. by H.C. Corben, Philip Stehle, Physics / 2012-09-27Classical Mechanics: 2nd Edition (Dover Books on Physics)
  14. by Willi-Hans Steeb / 2012-09-27Problems in Theoretical Physics, Vol. 2: Advanced Problems
  15. by Pierre Ramond / 2012-09-27Field Theory: A Modern Primer
  16. by Bryce DeWitt / 2012-09-27Bryce DeWitt's Lectures on Gravitation (Lecture Notes in Physics)
  17. by Jong-Ping Hsu / 2012-09-27100 Years of Gravity and Accelerated Frames: The Deepest Insights of Einstein and Yang-mills
  18. by David R. Topper / 2012-09-29Quirky Sides of Scientists: True Tales of Ingenuity and Error from Physics and Astronomy
  19. by Brian Martin, Graham Shaw / 2012-09-29Particle Physics (Manchester Physics Series)
  20. by Günter H. Zschornack / 2012-09-29Handbook of X-Ray Data
  21. by Lim / 2012-09-29Problems and Solutions on Quantum Mechanics
  22. by Kai Zuber / 2012-09-29Neutrino Physics (Series in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation)
  23. by Carlo Giunti, Chung W. Kim / 2012-09-29Fundamentals of Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
  24. by Helmut Wiedemann / 2012-09-29Particle Accelerator Physics
  25. by Charles H. Ahn, Jean-Marc Triscone, Karin M. Rabe / 2012-09-29Physics of Ferroelectrics: A Modern Perspective (Topics in Applied Physics)
  26. by Graeme K. Hunter / 2012-09-29Light Is a Messenger: The Life and Science of William Lawrence Bragg
  27. by Laurie M. Brown / 2012-09-29Feynman's Thesis: A New Approach to Quantum Theory
  28. by Dietrich Stauffer, Eugene H. Stanley, H. Eugene Stanley / 2012-09-29From Newton to Mandelbrot: A Primer in Modern Theoretical Physics
  29. by Jose Wudka / 2012-09-29Space-Time, Relativity, and Cosmology
  30. by Paul S. Wesson / 2012-09-29Five-dimensional Physics: Classical And Quantum Consequences of Kaluza-klein Cosmology
  31. by Joseph Lévy / 2012-09-29From Galileo to Lorentz... and beyond
  32. by Taylor / 2012-09-29Spacetime Physics (Physics Series)
  33. by Silvio Salinas / 2012-09-29Introduction to Statistical Physics (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics)
  34. by Hendrik F. Hameka / 2012-09-29Quantum Mechanics: A Conceptual Approach
  35. by Dieter Simon / 2012-09-29Albert Einstein: Akademie-Vortrge: Sitzungsberichte der Preuischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 1914 - 1932 [German]
  36. by Olivier Biquard / 2012-09-29AdS/CFT Correspondence: Einstein Metrics and Their Conformal Boundaries (IRMA Lectures in Mathematics & Theoretical Physics)
  37. by Paul Davies / 2012-09-29About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution
  38. by Frank Steiner / 2012-09-29Albert Einstein: Genie, Visionar und Legende [German]
  39. by Abhay Ashtekar / 2012-09-29100 Years of Relativity: Space-time Structure Einstein And Beyond
  40. by Stephen Hawking / 2012-09-29A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion: The Essential Scientific Works of Albert Einstein
  41. by Andrew F. Rex, Harvey Leff / 2012-09-29Maxwell's Demon 2: Entropy, Classical and Quantum Information, Computing
  42. by H. V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus / 2012-09-30Physics Beyond the Standard Models of Particles, Cosmology and Astrophysics
  43. by Hans A. Bethe, Philip Morrison, Physics / 2012-09-30Elementary Nuclear Theory: Second Edition
  44. by Eduardo G. Yukihara, Stephen W. S. McKeever / 2012-09-30Optically Stimulated Luminescence: Fundamentals and Applications (Wiley Series in Materials for Electronic & Optoelectronic Applications)
  45. by Arthur Jaffe, James Glimm / 2012-09-30Quantum Physics: A Functional Integral Point of View
  46. by Niels Henrik Gregersen, Paul Davies / 2012-09-30Information and the Nature of Reality: From Physics to Metaphysics
  47. by Graham Farmelo / 2012-10-01The Strangest Man. The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Quantum Genius
  48. by Nino Boccara / 2012-10-01Modeling Complex Systems (Graduate Texts in Physics)
  49. by Hans Paar / 2012-10-01An Introduction to Advanced Quantum Physics
  50. by Kailash K. Sharma / 2012-10-01Optics: Principles and Applications
  51. by Paul M. Fishbane, Stephen Gasiorowicz, Steve Thornton / 2012-10-01Physics for Scientists and Engineers: For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics: Extended Version
  52. by Darryl J., Ph.D. Leiter, Sharon L. / 2012-10-02A to Z of Physicists (Notable Scientists)
  53. 2012-10-02THERE WAS NO BIG BANG
  54. 2012-10-02There is no Higgs boson-The God particle.
  55. by Fredrick I. Olness, Robert L. Zimmerman / 2012-10-02Mathematica for Physics (2nd Edition)
  56. 2012-10-02Extreme Levels Of Time Dimensions Theory
  57. 2012-10-202012 Australasian Sky Guide
  58. 2012-10-24Garry Wills – Was America Founded over Christianity?
  59. 2012-11-08Standard Deviants - Physics Power
  60. 2013-01-21​TTC Video - Impossible Physics Beyond The Edge
  61. 2013-02-17Ultimate Physics Tutor
  62. 2013-03-06Ultimate Physics 2 Tutor - Thermodynamics - Vol. 1
  63. 2013-03-07Ultimate Physics 2 Tutor - Oscillations and Waves - Vol. 2
  64. 2013-03-08Acoustic Emission: Research and Applications
  65. 2013-03-08Ultimate Physics 3 Tutor - Electricity and Magnetism Series - Vol. 1
  66. 2013-03-22A Students Guide to Data and Error Analysis
  67. 2013-03-23The Jahn-Teller Effect
  68. 2013-03-30Physical-Layer Security - From Information Theory to Security Engineering
  69. 2013-04-08Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics: Part I. Manifolds, Lie Groups and Hamiltonian Systems
  70. 2013-04-08Donald Bethell, Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry
  71. 2013-04-10Particle Physics for Non-Physicists: A Tour of the Microcosmos
  72. 2013-04-20Giancoli Physics for Scientists and Engineers 4th Edition OCR-PDF
  73. 2013-04-26Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time
  74. 2013-05-03Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Non-Scientists, 2nd Edition
  75. 2013-05-04Quantum Mechanics - The Physics of the Microscopic World
  76. 2013-05-07Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of the Weather
  77. 2013-05-09Impossible: Physics beyond the Edge
  78. 2013-05-09Superstring Theory: The DNA of Reality
  79. 2013-05-23The Physical Basis of Biochemistry: Solutions Manual to the Second Edition
  80. 2013-05-24Metallic Materials: Physical, Mechanical, and Corrosion Properties (Corrosion Technology)
  81. 2013-07-30The Physics of Sound Tutorial PROPER-SYNTHiC4TE
  82. 2013-09-08MITx 6.002X Circuits and Electronics (Spring 2013 - week 1-6)
  83. 2013-09-09MITx 6.002X Circuits and Electronics (Spring 2013 - week 7-10)
  84. 2013-09-10Science of Everyday Things 4 Volume set
  85. 2013-09-18TTC Physics And Our Universe How It All Works - Prof. Richard.Wolfson
  86. 2013-09-25String theory and particle physics : an introduction to string phenomenology
  87. 2013-10-01Encyclopedia Space Sciences - Complete 4 Volumes
  88. 2013-10-14Astrostatistical Challenges for the New Astronomy
  89. by Sin-itiro Tomonaga / 2013-10-19[request]The Story of Spin
  90. 2013-12-06Foundations of Probability and Physics
  91. 2013-12-06Laser Fundamentals by William Silfvast
  92. 2013-12-06The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas
  93. 2013-12-06Physics An Illustrated Guide to Science
  94. 2013-12-06Power Generation, Operation, and Control
  95. 2013-12-06Calculations for A Level Physics Fourth Edition
  96. 2013-12-06Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Applications: With Historical Annotations and Many Citations from Avogadro to Zermelo
  97. 2013-12-06Quantum Physics - Illusion or Reality
  98. 2013-12-06Don't Know Much About the Universe: Everything You Need to Know About Outer Space but Never Learned
  99. 2013-12-06An Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics
  100. 2013-12-06Basic Theoretical Physics


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