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Windows 8 eBooks Collection (PDF)

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Windows 8 eBooks Collection PDF

Windows 8 eBooks Collection (PDF)

English | PDF | 674MB

Windows 8 is a version of Microsoft Windows (an operating system produced by Microsoft) for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, and home theater PCs. Development of Windows 8 started before the release of its predecessor, Windows 7, in 2009. Its existence was first announced at CES 2011, and followed by the release of three pre-release versions from September 2011 to May 2012. The operating system was released to manufacturing on August 1, 2012, and was released for general availability on October 26, 2012. Windows 8 uses version 6.2 of the Windows NT kernel

Windows 8 introduces significant changes to the operating system's platform, primarily focused towards improving its user experience on mobile devices such as tablets to better compete with other mobile operating systems like Android and Apple's iOS. Windows 8 features a new touch user interface and shell based on Microsoft's "Metro" design language, featuring a new Start screen with a grid of dynamically updating tiles that represent applications. The Start screen replaces the "Start menu" of earlier Windows versions. There is a new app platform with an emphasis on touchscreen input, and the new Windows Store to obtain and/or purchase applications to run on the operating system

In addition, Windows 8 takes advantage of new or emerging technologies like USB 3.0, 4Kn Advanced Format, near field communications, cloud computing, and the low-power ARM architecture. It includes new security features such as built-in antivirus capabilities, a new installation process optimized for digital distribution, and support for secure boot (a UEFI feature which allows operating systems to be digitally signed to prevent malware from altering the boot process). Synchronization of certain apps and settings between multiple devices is supported


A PDF collection of 26 eBooks about Windows 8

eBooks are sorted on publisher's name

Apress Beginning Windows 8 (2012).pdf

Apress Beginning Windows 8 Application Development, XAML Edition (2012).pdf

Apress Metro Revealed, Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript (2012).pdf

Apress Metro Revealed, Building Windows 8 Apps with XAML and C# (2012).pdf

Apress Pro Windows 8 Development with HTML5 and JavaScript (2012).pdf

Apress Windows 8 Apps Revealed, Using XAML and C# (2012).pdf

Apress Windows 8 XAML Primer (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press 20687A Configuring Windows 8 Setup Guide, Trainer Handbook (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press 20687A Configuring Windows 8 Setup Guide, Trainer Preparation Guide (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press 20687A Configuring Windows 8, Microsoft Hyper-V Classroom Setup Guide (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Introducing Windows 8, An Overview for IT Professionals (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Programming Windows 8 Apps, With HTML CSS and JavaScript (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Programming Windows, Writing Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML 6th (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Troubleshoot and Optimize Windows 8 Inside Out (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Windows 8 Administration Pocket Consultant (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Windows 8 Inside Out (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Windows 8 Plain and Simple (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Windows 8 for Tablets Plain and Simple (2012).pdf

Microsoft Press Windows 8, Step by Step (2012).pdf

OReilly Getting Started with Metro Style Apps (2012).pdf

OReilly Windows 8, The Missing Manual (2013).pdf

Wiley Windows 8 Application Development with HTML5 for Dummies (2013).pdf

Wiley Windows 8 Five Minutes at a Time (2013).pdf

Wiley Windows 8 for Dummies, Dell Pocket Edition (2013).pdf

Wrox Press Beginning Windows 8 Application Development (2012).pdf

Wrox Press Professional Windows 8 Programming, Application Development with C# and XAML (2013).pdf

Windows 8 eBooks Collection PDF

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