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The Oracle Hacker's Handbook: Hacking and Defending Oracle

作者: David Litchfield

标签: 黑客安全

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  • Author: David Litchfield

Knowledge is power, and the power can be yours.

While Oracle continues to improve the security features of its product, it still has a long way to go. David Litchfield has devoted years to relentlessly searching out the flaws in this ubiquitous database system and creating defenses against them. Now he offers you his complete arsenal to assess and defend your own Oracle systems.

Like The Shellcoder's Handbook and The Database Hacker's Handbook, this in-depth guide explores every technique and tool used by black hat hackers to invade and compromise Oracle. It shows you how to find the weak spots and defend them. Without that knowledge, you have little chance of keeping your databases truly secure.

Discover how to deal with the security flaws revealed in the Oracle RDBMS

Explore some never-before-published forays into Oracle security holes and learn to defend them from attack

Learn why independent security assessments are not necessarily a guarantee of safety

See how Oracle 10g Release 2 has improved its security features and where the flaws remain

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The Oracle Hacker's Handbook-Hacking and Defending Oracle


Chapter 1 - Overview of the Oracle RDBMS

Chapter 2 - The Oracle Network Architecture

Chapter 3 - Attacking the TNS Listener and Dispatchers

Chapter 4 - Attacking the Authentication Process

Chapter 5 - Oracle and PL/SQL

Chapter 6 - Triggers

Chapter 7 - Indirect Privilege Escalation

Chapter 8 - Defeating Virtual Private Databases

Chapter 9 - Attacking Oracle PL/SQL Web Applications

Chapter 10 - Running Operating System Commands

Chapter 11 - Accessing the File System

Chapter 12 - Accessing the Network

Appendix A - Default Usernames and Passwords


List of Figures

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