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The 5:2 Fast Diet - Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer

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The 5 2 Fast Diet Dr Michael Mosley Mimi SpencerThe 5:2 Fast Diet - Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer|106.58 MB We all know how you are supposed to lose weight: eat low-fat foods, exercise more… and never, ever skip meals. This has been standard dietary advice for decades and though it may work for some people, levels of obesity continue to soar. So is there an alternative? We think there is. Intermittent fasting. Based on the work of leading scientists from around the world, this is an exciting new alternative to standard dieting. Intermittent Fasting does not mean stopping eating entirely. It means reducing the amount you eat, but only for quite short periods of time. In The Fast Diet book I outline my experiences of trying different forms of intermittent fasting, before settling on what I called a 5:2 regime. With 5:2 intermittent fasting you eat normally five days a week and diet two days a week, cutting your calorie intake for those two days to a ¼ of their normal level. This means that on, say, a Monday and a Thursday you will eat 500 calories if you are a woman, 600 if you are a man. If you stick to this plan then you should lose around 1lb (0.46kg) a week if you are a woman, slightly more for a man. Success also depends on not over-eating on your normal days. You should not only lose weight but also enjoy a wide range of health benefits. Studies of intermittent fasting show that not only do people see improvements in blood pressure and their cholesterol levels, but also in their insulin sensitivity. As one of the medical experts I interviewed put it: ‘There is nothing else you can do to your body that is as powerful as fasting.’ - Dr. Michael Mosley How does the Fast Diet work? (A TDEE / BMR / BMI calculator) If we were to distill the Fast Diet into a single sound-bite, it would all come down to 5:2. That’s five days of normal eating, with little thought to calorie control and a slice of pie for pudding if that’s what you want. Then, on the other two days, you reduce your calorie intake to 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. Since you are only fasting for two days of your choice each week, and eating normally on the other five days, there is always something new and tasty on the near horizon. In short, it’s easy to comply with a regime that only asks you to restrict your calorie intake occasionally. It recalibrates the diet equation, and stacks the odds in your favour. Bear in mind that the programme is designed as a well-signposted path towards a longer, healthier life; weight loss is simply a happy adjunct to all of that. How many calories on a non-Fast Day? You may have wondered how we came up with the recommendation that women have 500 calories and men have 600 calories on a Fast Day. We used the rule of thumb that women need 2000 calories and men need 2400 calories per day and on a Fast Day you should eat a quarter of a normal day’s recommended calories. Some of you have also wondered exactly how many calories you should be eating on days when you’re not fasting. We thought we’d bring everything together in one place for you so you can do the calculations here. You can use the calculator on the right to calculate your BMI, BMR (basal metabolic rate) and TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). We’ll go into these in more depth below. Calculation of BMI (body mass index) BMI is a calculation of body fat based on height and weight. It has several limitations: it’s not accurate for pregnant women, people under 5 feet tall, and people with very muscular builds. It also does not account for age and the standard recommendations do not apply children or teens. Calculations of BMR (basal metabolic rate) Basal metabolic rate – the amount of calories you expend sitting for 24 hrs doing nothing. We are using the Mifflin-St. Jeor equations (above) to estimate your BMR which is believed to be more accurate than the more commonly used Harris-Benedict equation. Calculation of the TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) TDEE is the number of calories burnt in a day scaling BMR to level of activity. This is the number of calories you need daily to maintain your current weight and is about the amount you should eat on the days you’re not fasting. It depends on how active you are. Regular exercise burns up calories and is good for you. Do it! People have a tendency to overestimate the exercise they do, so if in doubt, choose the lower activity level. Activity levels Sedentary : Little or no exercise. This level is for someone who does not or cannot incorporate exercise into their daily life (eg drives rather than walks, takes the lift rather than the stairs, has a desk job or restricted mobility). Lightly active : Light exercise or sports 1-3 days per week. This level would include people who incorporate walking and activity into their day to day activities but do not have an exercise regime at such or exercise or play sports fewer than three times a week. Moderately active : Moderate exercise or sports 3-5 days per week. This level is for people who exercise or play very active sports at least 30 minutes non-stop at a time at least three times a week, every week. This is the level for people who keep up a good fitness regime that fits into their daily life. Very active : Hard exercise or sports 6-7 days per week. This level would include serious non-professional athletes actively training for, eg, a triathlon that requires near daily hard exercise for at least an hour at a time. Extremely active : Very hard exercise or sports more than once every day and a physical job. This level is for people doing exercise multiple times per day, at least an hour at a time and with the type of physical job that requires top fitness. This level is not common – most non-professional athletes in serious training will be in the “Very active” level at most.

The 5 2 Fast Diet Dr Michael Mosley Mimi Spencer

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