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Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP

ISBN: 0470100923

标签: Perl/PHP/Python

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Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP
Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP
Wr-x | ISBN: 0470100923 | PDF | 360 pages | 8.1 MB

Maybe you’re a great programmer or IT professional, but marketing isn’t your thing. Or perhaps you’re a tech-savvy search engine marketer who wants a peek under the hood of a search engine optimized web site. Search engine marketing is a field where technology and marketing are both critical and interdependent, because small changes in the implementation of a web site can make you or break you in search engine rankings.
Furthermore, the fusion of technology and marketing know-how can create web site features that attract more visitors.The mission of this book is to help web developers create web sites that rank well with the major search engines, and to teach search engine marketers how to use technology to their advantage. We assert that neither marketing nor IT can exist in a vacuum, and it is essential that they not see themselves as opposing forces in an organization. They must work together. This book aims to educate both sides in that regard.

Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP Search engine optimization (SEO) is not only the job of the marketing department. It must be considered from a web site’s inception and throughout its lifetime by you, the web site developer. Making changes to the architecture of a web site and modifying presentation techniques can dramatically increase search engine rankings and traffic levels.

Written for the PHP developer or tech-savvy marketer, this unique reference provides techniques for creating and maintaining web sites optimized for search engines. You’ll discover how to facilitate the indexing of your site, as well as how to leverage specific technologies and services for site promotion. You will understand the role of web site architecture in search engine optimization and explore various topics therein. Knowing this will help you to develop a site that achieves great search engine rankings. Finally, you’ll apply this knowledge by creating a sample e-commerce catalog and an optimized WordPress blog.

What you will learn from this book

Understand the criteria that influence search engine rankings
Create keyword-rich URLs using PHP, Apache, and mod_rewrite
Use HTTP Headers to properly indicate the status of web documents
Create optimized content and cope with duplicate content effectively
Avoid being the victim of black hat SEO techniques
Understand and implement geo-targeting and cloaking
Use site maps effectively—for users as well as search engines
Create a search engine–friendly WordPress blog
Build a search engine–friendly e-commerce catalog

Who this book is for
This book is for PHP developers who need to incorporate search engine optimization principles into their web applications, as well as marketers who want to gain a better understanding of the technologies involved in search engine marketing.

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