Share and comment | Allah Ke BandeyHindi | ActionDuration: 2:03:38Children of the divine or allah ke banday is directed by farouque kabir and produced by ravi walia. the film is based on the life of two twelve year old boys, vijay (sharman joshi) & yakub (faruk kabir) residing in the degrading slums of india. from delivering drugs for the mafia to looting people, the two aspire to assert their position in this world of crime. twist in the tale comes, when they are wrongly prosecuted in a murder case and sent for juvenile rehabilitation center. there they encounter the warden portrayed by naseeruddin shah and other senior inmates who ruthlessly treat them. developing a feeling of crime psychosis, they decide to grow up as criminals.the vicious cycle of life in crime continues for them even after their release. set free at twenty three, vijay (the intelligent one with dangerous ideas) and yakub (the hot headed one) form a gang of teenage boys to rule the slums they were born in. but life forces the two men to make a decision between choosing their misguided childhood dreams and redemption the young guns start with a fanfare, but their initial success is only temporary. the movie shows the harsh reality of children stuck in crime. a must watch for all the movie fans redemption comes, but with a price. a film about love. love for all of us 'children of the divine'. PlayShare: | Commenta
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PlayGirl July 2007

标签: 女性

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PlayGirl July 2007

PlayGirl Magazine July 2007
PDF | ENG | 18,27 Mb | 88 pages

Magazine for girls like playboy is for men


No Mirror Below !!

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  1. guest @ 2009-04-19 20:24:35, email hidden

    Would you please get more magazines for women especially with sexy,just like this kind---playgirl?too much magazines for women couldn't download.And the magazines for men are so many ,it's not unfair.
  2. Celena @ 2010-08-05 05:10:09, email hidden

    The link for downloading play girl magazine is not working.PLease Check!
  3. [email protected] @ 2010-12-23 21:47:12, email hidden

    [email protected]
    shsuanhsuan(UID: 32369)
    .性別: 男
    來自: Taiwan
    生日: 2008-11-12
    Yahoo: [email protected]
    用戶組: 二兵工程師
    [email protected]

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