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Mastering UDK Game Development

ISBN: 1849695601

标签: 游戏开发

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Mastering UDK Game Development
Mastering UDK Game Development By John P. Doran
2013 | 290 Pages | ISBN: 1849695601 | EPUB + PDF | 44 MB + 13 MB

UDK (Unreal Development Kit) is the free version of the popular and award-winning Unreal Engine 3. A truly powerful tool for game development, there has never been a better time to use it for both commercial and independent projects. By learning about advanced functionality via engaging practical examples, you too can take your game to the next level and stand out from the crowd.
Learn about advanced aspects of UDK game development, ranging from the creation of a 2D-style platformer to building your very own Western-RPG style inventory system using Scaleform. You'll discover how you can exploit UDK to the fullest extent, making it possible to create a series of exciting projects all within the UDK Editor.

By using this book, you will be able to create a 2D-style platformer, a spaceship rail-shooter, as well your very own custom HUD. We then move on to more advanced projects, like the creation of an inventory system for a Western-RPG, complete with dynamic objects that can be dropped anywhere in the game world. On top of all of this, you'll also learn how to quickly and efficiently create modular environments within UDK itself.


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