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I-Chuan Standing Postures for Power

语言: English

标签: 健康

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I Chuan Standing Postures for Power
I-Chuan Standing Postures for Power
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Genre: Health

I Chuan—mind intention boxing—uses eight standing postures to develop internal power and vibrant health. The I Chuan system was developed by Wang Hsiang Zai. He was a student of Guo Yun Shen from the Hebei Hsing-i School, a style heavily influenced by bagua zhangi.

"In I Chuan, the emphasis on holding a standing posture is to develop fa jin. Fa jini is the internal martial arts technique of issuing power so that it passes through an opponent, moving him in space just as a gust of wind blows dust away." Bruce

The eight standing postures work with chi and are practiced at heights ranging from above the head to the lower tantien (near the navel). The poses are derived from Taoism’s 200 original postures and are used to bring out the innate power of the body. These I Chuan postures have several main purposes:
To open up the energy channels
To rebalance the energies in your body
To strengthen any energetic weaknesses
To unlock the body’s latent potentials and capacities.
In this DVD training set, recorded live in Berkeley, California, Bruce Frantzis demonstrates the eight core standing postures and explains the I Chuan system and its objectives.
I Chuan Standing Postures for Power

I Chuan Standing Postures for Power

I Chuan Standing Postures for Power



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