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Focus On 3D Terrain Programming ( source code)

作者: Trent Polack

标签: 游戏开发

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  • Author: Trent Polack

Introduces readers to programming 3D terrain engines. Begins with the simplest terrain engine possible and works its way up to one of the most complex and useful terrain engines around.

Welcome to the world of 3D terrain programming. Now you can break away from the computer game mold of lackluster backgrounds and create amazing landscapes for your characters to explore. Focus On 3D Terrain Programming gives you the skills you need to do just that. This book brings the high-talking, abstract concepts down to earth so you can actually put them into practice. It covers the three most widely accepted terrain rendering solutions?geomipmapping, quad trees, and ROAM. Texture mapping and lighting techniques are also discussed, as well as cool special effects. Plus, the author provides the code so you can readily implement the solutions into your own games!

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