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Encyclopaedia Universalis 2012 (Win/Mac)

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Encyclopaedia Universalis 2012 Win Mac

Encyclopaedia Universalis 2012 (Win/Mac) | 6.9 GB

Encyclopaedia Universalis is the result of a unique collaboration between the world of knowledge and the world of publishing. The completeness of the articles and reference was drafted and signed by recognized specialists in each discipline or field accurate: historian, physician, musicologist, museum curator, researcher, scholar, writer, teacher ... More than 7,300 renowned authors guarantee the contents of the Encyclopaedia Universalis 2012.

Discount & Innovation

Thanks to the new interface to display multiple Universalis 2012, you have from now on a same screen:
Of all documents classified according to their relevance;
In a fast navigation between levels;
On a clear visualization, logical and organized.

Really intuitive, new interface Universalis 2012 is under control in less than a minute.

Thousands of articles are fully extended, rewritten or added, to address all the recent events, all developments, all new products, such as "Hosni Mubarak," "Wind and society", "Bisphenol A", the " Conference Nagoya (Environment), "the revolution of Jasmin" Tunisia ", the" genetic tests ", the" think tanks ", the" Digital Archiving ", the" Rating Agencies ", etc..

- Intuitive
With the new interface has simultaneous display, keep to the screen all stages of your consultation.
- Fast
Maximum of three clicks, you are accessing has any document, text or media.
- Pleasant
The new graphic facilitates all visits, even the longest.
- Functional
View at once to the eye all the answers to your questions, arrange your consultation, annotate and keep the documents of your choice.

The search engine Universalis, thanks to its exclusive indexing, takes into account every sense of the keywords, and thus provides a degree of uneven relevance.

Universalis 2012 is signed by more than 7,300 contributors from education and the cultural and professional. All her items are guaranteed as well as to their accuracy and their reliability.

- Practice
Print, save and export (including PDF) any document Universalis 2012.

UNIVERSALIS 2012 is compatible with:
Windows XP (all versions)
Windows Vista (all versions, including 64-bit versions)
Windows 7 (all versions, including 64-bit versions)
Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard)
Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
OSX 10.7 (Lion)

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Encyclopaedia Universalis 2012 Win Mac


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